"Dave is prompt, reliable, quiet and gentle with the horses...Beyond that he is an excellent dentist. As a former dental technician it is easy for me to assess his extensive knowledge and ability. A former dressage olympian once told me that 'without connection, you have nothing.' TRUTH! And may I add that without an excellent dentist on your team, connection and comfort in your horse will most likely be a struggle. Without proper alignment, jaw mobiliy, and occlusion there is sure to be discomfort. You can use Dave with confidence as I have for a few years. It is nice having the peace of mind knowing that I have the best work being done in my horse's mouth."

~Leslie Lopardo


"We used Dave for the first time this winter and were very satisfied with his work... We were looking for a professionally trained reliable practitioner. We found him in the Horseman's Yankee Peddler and after e-mailing and looking at his web site we took a chance and truly lucked out. He is quiet, calm and competent. He was able to float our 4 Horses with no problems. We had our Vet not be able to complete one last year. They could not get his mouth open wide enough with the speculum and drugs to do his back teeth due to his TMJ. Dave was able to do him with no problem, no sedation and for the first time in almost a decade he is not quidding. We are thrilled with his work and dependability. He came when he said he would (in the middle of a snow storm), a trait that seems to be missing a lot in this world today! If you need a new dentist, he's your man."

~Phyl & Dave, Pineledge Farm, Woodstock CT


 "When I got my horse Rocky, a year and a half ago, he was in terrible condition...

undernourished and his teeth were terrible. He was having trouble eating and dropping food. A friend recommended Dave to me and the first time he came out to meet Rocky he was very thorough in the exam and took the time to explain things to me.


After his first dental visit with my horse we noticed he was retaining more food as he ate and did not seem to be so agitated. Recently Rocky had his second appointment with Dave and his weight has improved considerably. I think the best part of the experience for Rocky and myself is the time and the care he took to explain what Rocky needed to improve. Thank you!"

~Sierra & Rocky


"I was very impressed after using Dave Ribeiro for the first time...

on my 14 year old gelding. My horse had been increasingly resistant and irritable for about a month before the appointment with Dave. Dave was professiona;, on time (which I really appreciated) and explained what he was doing. He showed me all of the places in my horse's mouth that were causing him discomfort. Dave was very thorough. The proof is in how good my horse feels now. No more hanging on my hands under saddle and his attitude is much improved. I would definitely recommend Dave (From The Horse's Mouth) to any who wants a quality float  for their horse's mouth.

~Lise B. Mayers

“Dave, you truly impressed me with your knowledge...

of equine tooth care and I clearly remember that you took the time to explain what work was done in a manner in which I, as an owner, could easily understand. Moreover, the skill in which you worked on Valie was evident because from the outset, the fact that he didn't need sedation proved that your easygoing manner and the connection you made with him must have earned his trust and put him at ease and that is a gift to the horse and the horse's owner! You made such an impression on me that I felt as if I had to write this testimonial to let you know that your work caused me to stand up, take notice and hold a clear memory of what transpired! You can be certain that I have and will continue to highly recommend you to anyone that needs an 'Equine Dentist'.”

~Cathy Ann Savino-Kedzierski











Dave Ribeiro, EqDT, IAED-Certified

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Dave welcomes the opportunity to work with your licensed veterinarian or would be happy to coordinate with one of the vets he currently works with if you prefer.

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